Mark Wahlberg upset with SNL skit

October 17, 2008

Mark Wahlberg does not have much of a sense of humor when it comes to Saturday Night Live doing a sketch about him.  On the October 4th episode a short 3 minute sketch featuring Andy Samberg entitled Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals aired and got some good laughs.  Now this was a short filler sketch that was silly, but Mark has made it clear he isn’t a fan.  Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, where he was promoting Max Payne, Mark was asked his feeling about the show.  His response was that he was going to punch Andy in his big nose.  He followed that up by saying he was going to fly to New York, find Andy, and slap him in his big nose.  Check out the SNL clip and the clip from Jimmy Kimmel.  The punch claim happens around the 3 minutes mark. (FYI a video clip run on the bottom right by default so just pause that so you don’t get any noise interference.)

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