John McCain sticks out his tongue for you

October 16, 2008

During the final Presidential debate last night at Hofstra University between John McCain and Barack Obama we learned some serious information.  We know that saying Joe the Plumber 26 times during a two hour debate can be an excellent political strategy. I wonder what their high priced political advisors were talking about before the debate when they decided to use Joe Wurzelbacher, the plumber from Ohio that asked Obama if believed in the American Dream.  Joe said in an interview that even though Obama answered his question he never tapped dance around the real issue.  John McCain pulled out his SAT prep tests and used repudiate about 15 times in 2 minutes during one segment.  The fact that repudiate and repudiate definition were both hot Google trends last night makes you wonder if he selected the right word.  The most enjoyable moment happened at the end of the debate when McCain wasn’t sure which way to go around the table to thank the moderator, Bob Schieffer, so he pulled a Bush when he didn’t a little slapstick for the crowd which included sticking out his tongue.

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