Texas not a fan of the birthday suit

October 14, 2008

There is a lesson to be learned here for all you young ladies looking to make some money by taking some naughty pictures for an adult website.  Karla Escobar, an adult probation officer from Bexlar County, Texas, is coming under fore for doing exactly that.  Karla took some nude pictures that are still online and available, but she no longer makes any income from the site where they are being sold.  She attempted to have the pictures removed, but the site now owns the pictures and she is out of luck.  She informed the agency when she was hired that the pictures existed and the matter was dropped…this was three years ago.  Now she has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation that could lead to her being fired.  Karla is currently on maternity leave and the timing of this investigation seems a bit suspicious if you ask me.


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