Vera Baker linked to Barack Obama Girlfriend rumors

October 12, 2008

A story in the UK’s Daily Mail is discussing a sstory about a relationship Barack Obama had with an aide during his 2004 Senate campaign.  According to the the story and other follow-up stories hitting the net Barack got close to a female staffer by the name of Vera Baker and stories of a Barak Obama girlfriend are heating up again. According to FEC Senate campaign records Baker was paid as Finance Director on Obama’s campaign, but Claire Serdiuk was usually listed as the campaign director.  So who was Vera Baker?  Whoever she was she angered Michelle Obama enough that she ended up in New York and now can be found in Martinique.  Baker has denied any claims of a relationship and that Mrs. Obama expressed any issue with her.  Democrats are claiming this is a smear campaign being pushed out by Republicans to try and sway some voters.  More will obviously come out on this story in coming days and it is ashame because it should have nothing to do with the election, but scandal sell papers and gets ratings so networks will avoid the issues and cover this instead.

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