Nikki Blonsky fights back…again

October 9, 2008

Nikki Blonsky is fighting back against Bianca Golden…only this time she is using words and not jumping her mother in an airport.If you recall Nikki and her father got involved in a fight with Bianca and her mother.  Now Bianca has gone on record with Tyra recounting the incidents and how she was basically attacked.

Nikki gave an interview to People magazine where she defended herself and her father.  She is claiming this got out of hand when she asked Bianca to take her finger out of her face.  Nikki claims that Bianca responded by called her a nasty name and preparing to throw a punch.  She is also going on record as saying the claims that her father knocked out Bianca’s mother are all lies.  Who do you believe in this situation???


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