Weezer Troublemaker Video

October 7, 2008

Weezer is back with a nother hot new song and even some world records.  The video for Troublemaker is having a 24 hour premiere on Yahoo Music and you can check out right here.  The video involved a bunch of fans and the setting of several world records – which makes it somewhat unique.

The Guinness World Records that were set or broken during filming included:

Largest Air Guitar Ensemble
The largest air guitar ensemble consisted of 233 participants

Largest Game of Dodgeball
The largest game of dodgeball consisted of two teams of 50 people (100 total

Longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon
The longest Guitar Hero World Tour Marathon lasted for 10 hr 12 min 54 sec

Most People in a Custard Pie Fight
The most people in a custard pie fight was 120

Most People Riding on a Skateboard
The most people riding on a skateboard is 22

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