Holly claims she is done with Hef

October 7, 2008

Could the fairytale romance between Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison really be over?  Apparently Holly was hanging with some friends when she was stopped by some paparazzi that asked her some questions.  At the end of the informal interview Holly made a statement that might surprise Hef.

Holly stated that she no longer has clout at the Playboy Mansion and that she and Hefner are no longer together.  This would be a surprise since just a couple of weeks ago the Girls Next Door all said things were good.  Wait do you think they just said that to help promote the final season of Girls Next Door and hopefully launch a post Hef career on their own?  I guess the fact that Hef is quickly going broke and Playboy stock is trading for less money than the cost of an issue of the magazine doesn’t make him as attractive.  Old rich guy can get hot blondes with low self esteem, but old poor guy just smells funny.

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