Play Sarah Palin Bingo and VP Drinking Game

October 2, 2008

With the Vice Presidential debate taking place this evening and the college aged voters getting ready to party on a Thursday night it is only fitting that we combine the two events.  Before you get wasted on Red Bull and Vodka or The Beast take a moment to think about your country.  Why not watch the debate and not just watch it, but really pay attention.  You may ask how that is possible with all the booze flowing through your system, but their isd a solution.  Play Palin Bingo and combine that with the VP Debate Drinking Game!  Palin Bingo seems pretty easy.  Just print out your card or make your own over at the website, get some coins to cover your spaces, and enjoy!  The VP drinking game is a bit more intense and requires greater focus for a longer period of time, but you guys are in college and should be used to faking that in class.  Head on over to College Candy and print out the rules.

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