Joy Sartin bra bribery leads to quilty verdict

October 2, 2008

Joy Sartin tried to use her sexuality to get herself out of a traffic ticket.  Joy, whose profession is listed as a lingerie model, rolled a stop sign and pulled $270 out of her bra and offered it to the friendly officer.

Joy had been working that evening at Xotic Tan, which is a strip club, and claimed she was rushing home to her 4 year old child, just didn’t have a purse with her, and her Scion TC didn’t come equipped with a sexy money holder so her bra worked better.  Why did she whip $270 out of her cleavage you ask?  Well in court she claimed she was just offering to pay the ticket on the spot. First off how stupid was this woman?  Rolling a stop sign does not require a $270 bribe…maybe like $35 and a cookie.  Now she gets a nice criminal record to go a long with her thriving career as a “lingerie model”.

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