Choi Jin-Sil suicide shocks South Korea

October 2, 2008

South Korea is in shock after actress Choi Jin-Sil was found dead today in her home of an apparent suicide.  Shoi Jin-Sil has been involved in some difficult rumors since her 2004 divorce pro baseball player Cho Sung-Min.

Jin-Sil was rumored to have been involved with some shady financial dealings with actor Ahn Jae-Hwan who committed suicide after running up huge amounts of debt from failed businesses.  Reports surfaced that Jin-Sil lent Jae-Hwan nearly $2 million dollars during that time.  Jin-Sil had taken medication to combat depression after her very public and messy divorce, but found the constant tabloid rumors to be too much.  She sent a text to her make-up artists prior to her suicide asking her to take care of her two children.  The next morning she was found by her mother with a rubber cord around her neck in the shower.  No suicide note was found in the apartment. It is a sad end for the 40 year old icon.

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