Carey Torrice bikini wearing politician (Photos/Videos)

September 30, 2008

Carey Torrice is finding that posting hot pictures of yourself on your website might not be the best idea when you are a Demcratic County Commissioner. Carey is a 31 year old part time model has represented Macomb County in Michigan since she was elected in December 2006.  With her two year term coming to an end and a re-election push underway these images are not helping according to some.

Some residents and political opposition feel that Carey’s clothing choices are not appropriate and that she is now using her new found fame as one of the hottest politicians in America to fulfill some Hollywood dreams.  To make matters worse she appears on Inside Edition sporting a sexy yellow bikini and holding up her campaign sign.  In another interview she tells about having a stripper pole in her bedroom…..for exercise purposes only people.  Since politicians never lie that has to be the truth! I say good for you Carey!!  Be proud of who you are and keep showing it off for the world to see what you have to offer Macomb County.

Carey Torrice Yellow Bikini Video

Carey Torrice Bedroom Stripper Pole

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