Britney Spears sex tape?

September 29, 2008

Depending on who you believe their might or might not be a two hour x-rated sex tape of Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears.  Adnan is claiming he has the video that features Britney in just a pink wig and will not provide further information until he has a concrete deal in place for some big money.

Britney’s people over at Jive Records have come out claiming that Adnan is full of it and no such tape exists, but this was during Britney’s shaved head period so you never know.  Seeing a sex tape of a once pure pop star is always nice, but seeing one of Britney looped on prescription meds with a shaved head doesn’t really get the blood flowing.  I personally hope the story is false and Adnan just fades away out of Brit’s life forever.

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