ER kills off fan favorite

September 25, 2008

The final season premier of ER has been promoted heavily with the haunting words of a fan favorite taking their last breath.  It wouldn’t be ER if they didn’t kill off someone that seems to have everything going for them on the show.  Which doc won’t be back in the ER?

Dr. Gregory Pratt played by Mekhi Phifer

Last season an ambulance was blown up and you were left to wonder who rode along.  We found out early Greg was in the front passenger seat and he survived the blast with an apparent broken leg and jaw.  The broken leg was just a random bone from one of the guys in the back of the ambulance so that was fine.  Of course he couldn’t breath so they had to give him a tracheotomy and all seemed fine.  He developed some bulging in his neck which was from a lacerated carotid artery.  They try to fix that and 20 minutes later he is brain dead.

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