Diddy beats topless mermaid (Photos)

September 24, 2008

Maria Dominguez took a job as a scantly clad topless mermaid for Sean Diddy Combs 2003 annual White Party in the Hamptons.  When a picture of herself with two other ladies appeared in an issue of Vibe magazine with the caption Mermaids Gone Wild she decided to sue.

Maria sued Combs for $3 million claiming invasion of privacy, mental strain, distress and disturbance of peace of mind, and hurt her reputation as a hedge fund manager.  Maria had her lawsuit thrown out of court yesterday.  Now you take a job to float around topless at a Diddy party where the press will swarm and you are surprised your picture got taken?  Maybe next time take a job as a waitress or bartender so if your picture is taken you won’t feel so ashamed.  It really looks like she was dying to cover up doesn’t it?

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