Is David Blaine cheating on his stunt?

September 24, 2008

The newest stunt being performed by David Blaine is being met with some shrugs.  David is currently hanging upside in Central park for 60 hours straight, but is he really just hanging there all this time or is he cheating?  Statements made by his people backup the facts that he is in fact only hanging for part of an hour each hour.

David is being required to stand up, stretch, get checked out medically, and relieve himself about once an hour.  He was told he has to get his head above his heart during the day or he could die.  Even though he may not be hanging for 60 hours straight he is still performing a stunt that not many could even close to duplicating.  His stunt will conclude tonight on ABC when they show he Dive of Death over Wollman Rink.


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