Jamie Lynn’s boob causes federal probe

September 22, 2008

Someone need to tell Casey Aldridge that when you take digital photos of your underage teenage girlfriend breast feeding your bastard child that you should print those pictures out at home.  It seems that Casey took pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears, baby Maddie, Britney Spears, and mother Lynne and decided to go to Wal-Mart to have them printed out. Now someone is shopping those pictures around to the highest bidder.  Only problem is that Jamie’s left breast is partially exposed and since she is under 18 that kicks off a federal child porn investigation.

You would think that a family worth millions of dollars could go out and pick up a photo printer from the same Wal-Mart they use to get the pictures copied.  Do they not realize that they are some what well known and people might look to make a few bucks of some candid family photos?  I can’t wait to see what dumb ass kid gets arrested for this one.  Stay tuned for updates on the story.

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