Kathy Cox is smarter than a 5th Grader

September 5, 2008

First Jessica Robinson took home one million dollars on Deal or No Deal and now Kathy Cox has followed suit by being the first to take the top prize on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

To be fair Kathy didn’t take any money home for herself.  She is the Georgia Superintendent of Schools and the money will go back to the state.  She did have to answer some questions and didn’t get much help from the kids that were on hand to make her look stupid.  Maybe now Georgia can get some of their school systems accredited again. You think you could have answered the questions??? Here they are with answers…..

1-What is the first month of the U.S. calendar year that has exactly 30 days? (1st grade measurements) $1,000

2- True or false: crawfish are fish. (2nd grade animal science) $2,000

3- How many times does the letter “D” appear in the following word…um… can’t print the word cos I’ll give it away. The word in question is grandma’s daughter’s little girl. (2nd grade spelling) $5,000

4- What is the two letter abbreviation for the word doctor? (1st grade English) $10,000

5- The U.S. Naval Academy is located in what city? (4th grade social studies) (Dr. Cox taught social studies for 15 years). $25,000

6- Costa Rica borders two countries. Nicaragua is one of the countries. What is the other? (4th grade world geography) $50,000

7- Which of the following foods contains no natural protein 1- whole milk 2- pure sugar 3- raw eggs (3rd grade health) $100,000

8- Which of the following is NOT an official language of Switzerland 1- German 2- Italian 3- Spanish (3rd grade cultural studies) $175,000

9-What is the name of the following painting by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch? (5th grade art) $300,000

10- Which commanding British general surrendered to American troops in Yorktown in 1781? (5th grade U.S. History) Cox did a peek to Olivia’s answer but ignored it. $500,000

MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION (she gets no help from her fifth graders and gets no cheats, plus once she sees the question, she must answer. If she got it wrong, she would have dropped to $25,000). The topic: world history. The question: Who was the longest reigning British monarch?

If you want to test yourself, do no look DOWN HERE. I’ll even leave a few blank spaces to help you avert your eyes:


1- April 2- False 3- two 4- dr 5- Annapolis, Md. 6- Panama 7- pure sugar 8- Spanish 9- The Scream 10- Lord Charles Cornwallis $1 million answer- Queen Victoria (for 63 years)

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