Britney wild before 16

September 4, 2008

Lynne Spears is promoting a new tell all book about, Through The Storm, in which she describes what went on away from the press with her wholesome imaged daughter.  It seems Britney Spears was not that innocent when the recorded her hugely successful first album.

Some excerpts from the book which is scheduled to hit the shelves later this year tell of Britney starting to drink alcohol when she joined the Mickey Mouse Club at the age of 13.  It also states that she lost her virginity at 14 years of age while attending high school to an 18 year old football player.  So much for all that I’m a virgin talk she was so famous for.  As for drug use her mom is stating she started experimenting at 15 while recording Baby One More Time.  Not only that, but she was caught on a private jet with cocaine and pot at 16.  Oh yeah and she was doing the deed with Justin Timberlake when they were 16 also.  It is nice to see a mom come out with a book that talks about the good things.  No word if she tells how Britney has made her filthy rich!

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