Sarah Palin 5th child baby scandal (Photos)

September 1, 2008

I step away from the gossip for a couple of days to enjoy the holiday weekend and a huge scandal breaks out.  Sarah Palin, John McCain’s VP candidate, has five children – the 5th being born when she was 44.  The only issue with that is the rumor that the child, Trig Palin, actually belongs to her 16 year old daughter Bristol Palin. Reports out say that Bristol was pulled from school for the final several months of her pregnancy and that the pregnancy wasn’t reported by Sarah Palin until the seven month mark.

[Governor Palin’s] oldest girl is rumored to have actually been the one who had the last baby, the one with Down’s Syndrome. She was taken out of school the last 4 or 5 months of her mother’s pregnancy.

On March 5th, 2008 Alaska’s Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, announced to the media that she was 7 months pregnant with her 5th child. She is currently 44.

Palin’s daughter Bristol is 16 and attends an Anchorage high school. Students who have attended class with her report that she has been out of school for months, claiming a prolonged case of mono.

Palin does not appear pregnant in any recent photographs. The announcement came as quite a shock to people who had worked closely with her, and have been quoted as saying that she did not appear pregnant whatsoever during the prior 7 months.

Additional reports say that Palin would have had to be in labor during a flight from Dallas to Alaska and no one on board knew.  This information was discovered less than a week after her nomination.  Didn’t McCain’s people check for any potential skeletons in he closet??

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