Pole Dancing too naughty for PA

August 29, 2008

Pole dancing has become a fitness craze across the US, but it is not something the people of Pittsburgh want to see in their town anytime soon so Stephanie Babines is suing.

Stephanie is an accomplished pole dancer – she takes part in events put on by the International Pole Federation – so you know she is serious about opening up an exercise studio.

Stephanie Babines, 30, of Cranberry claims Adams zoning officials have twice denied her application to turn a former child’s clothing store into Oh My You’re Gorgeous — a studio featuring pole-dancing, striptease and power lap dance, among other exercise offerings. She has advertised her business under XXX-Exercise.

I don’t see what the big deal is with this studio.  How else are aspiring strippers and women that want to dace in the basements of rap stars going to learn?  If you aren’t careful on a pole you can really hurt yourself.  Pole dancing is offered in a lot of NYC health clubs so Pittsburgh has got to relax!  Check out Stephanie on her website if you want to take a class.

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