Phelps cashing in with book deal

August 28, 2008

Michael Phelps is striking while the iron is hot and collecting money and publicity opportunities at every turn.

Phelps, who took home a record setting 8 gold medals at the Olympics, has already been selected to host the premiere of Saturday Night Live, present at MTV VMA show, and he just landed a reported $1.6 million advance for a book.

At least a half-dozen major publishers considered the book, billed as an “inspirational memoir,” before Dominick Anfuso, the editorial director of Simon & Shuster’s Free Press imprint, landed the deal, according to the report.

Not bad money if you can get it, but I think that $200,000 per 2008 gold medal isn’t that great and if you count the six he already had that is only a little over $100,000 per gold.  I think he needs a new agent.

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