Odd News: TSA can be a bit handsy

August 27, 2008

Nancy Kates was just looking to board a JetBlue flight in Oakland when she ran in to some problems with the security checkpoint.

Nancy is what you would call a bit top heavy and thus wears an extra supportive bra with a metal under wire.  After setting off the metal detector a couple of times she was pulled aside for a little one on one time with a female TSA agent.  The agent wanded her and noticed her breasts were possibly hiding a dangerous weapon.  So the agent got a bit handsy with Nancy and felt her breasts to make sure they were on the up and up.  When Nancy complained and her a supervisor come over she was told that under wire is one of the top reasons for the metal detector to go off.  She hasn’t decided if she will sue for being felt-up, but if you enjoy feeling up women the TSA might be the place for you!

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