Tiki Barber drops the C-Bomb on co-host

August 22, 2008

Tiki Barber, former NY Giants football player and current newscaster for NBC, is in some hot water for apparently calling his co-anchor, Jenna Wolfe, a C*nt during an Olympics update.  Jenna Wolfe had made a comment in an earlier broadcast about wearing Tiki’s Super Bowl ring when another newscaster had on an Olympic medal.  of course Tiki left the Giants a year before they won it all and he didn’t seem all that pleased with the comment.  Well later during an Olympic update with Brian Williams talk turned to how the Olympic winner is determined and Brian explained that Total Medal Count is the deciding factor.  Tiki turned to Jenna and said “You’re a total medal c*nt“.  Tiki is claiming that he said count and that it was just not clear, but you judge for yourself.

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