Jenn Sterger joining the Jets

August 12, 2008

Sure we all know that the New York Jets have signed Brett Favre to play quarterback this year and that he is causing a huge swell in jersey sales, ticket sales, and press requests, but did you also know that the Jets have signed Jenn Sterger to work for the club?  Oh yes that is huge news!  Jenn shot to game in 2005 when an ABC cameraman picked her out of a Florida State game crowd and the rest is history.  Jenn became an instant sensation at Florida State and has taken her good looks to the pros.  Her job with the Jets will be as a Gameday Host.  Now I have gone to Jets game since 1993 and I don’t recall having anyone like Jenn host me when I got into the stadium.   Her role will inolve interviewing celebrities, hosting a pregame segment, and will have a role during timeouts and halftime.  Well atleast if we go 4-12 again I will have something nice to look at on the sidelines.

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