US Swimming Relay and French Scandal Highlight Olympics

August 11, 2008

If you are on the east coast and were up around midnight last night you witnessed one of the greatest swimming relays in Olympic history.  The US Men’s 4×100 Relay was seen as the week leg on Michael Phelps’ quests for 8 gold medals as they went up against a heavily favored French team.  The relay team included Phelps, Garrett Weber-Gale, Cullen Jones, and 32 year old anchor leg Jason Lezak smashed the world record by finishing in 3:08.24.  Along with claiming the new world record Phelps shattered the American record on his lead off leg and Lezak swam the fastest ever relay leg in history.  These new swim suits are definitely making a difference.

On another not having to do with the most unnecessary story of the Olympic games NBC went down the wrong road when they dedicated a piece on French swimmer Laure Manaudou.  They talked about her failed relationship with an Italian swimmer, their break-up, her issues with her coach, the fact that her ex was now dating a world class Italian swimmer that is competing in the same event, and finally about naked pictures that surfaced of the French swimmer.  Considering that Laure was not even in contention to compete for a medal and the favored Italian didn’t even make it to the medal stand was a black eye on the coverage.

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