Blonsky vs Golden I

August 1, 2008

Traveling through an airport can be a dangerous thing.  Nikki Blonsky from Hairspray and Bianca Golden from America’s Next Top Model found out the hard way after they were involved in a nasty airport brawl.   Apparently Nikki refused to move some luggage so Bianca and her mom could sit and it got nasty from there landing Bianca’s mom in intensive care.

Nikki Blonsky and Bianca Golden were both charged with assault and causing bodily harm and simple assault. Both were arraigned Friday and released on their own recognizance; Blonsky reportedly showed up in court wearing a neck brace.

Nikki’s father Carl Bronsky would up in jail for causing serious bodily injury to Bianca’s mother is will remain there until August 8.  This is some serious case of airport lounge range that you don’t see often.. usually people flip out on the plane not sitting around waiting to get on the plane.  their weren’t even report of delays or anything.  Maybe they with held a snack from Nikki and low blood sugar got the best of her.

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