Sharon Stone being sued for $1 Billion

July 31, 2008

Well this will teach Sharon Stone not to piss off an entire country after a catastrophic earthquake.  The Basic Instinct star made a statement last year that the earthquake in China that caused massive damage and loss of life was caused by karma for the occupation of Tibet.  Stone later apologized after the backlash saw her dropped from Chinese ads for Dior, protests, and being told she just isn’t welcome in the country.  Now a New York lawyer is taking financial action.

More than 1,000 Chinese earthquake victims and a New York lawyer are demanding a $1 billion payout from Sharon Stone — or maybe just an apology, the New York Post reports.

There was no comment from stone, but I can only believe she will choose her words very carefully because I am pretty sure there are more people in China that could join this lawsuit.

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