Justine Bateman is not aging well

July 31, 2008

What the hell happened to Justine Bateman??  Sure i know she is 42 years old give her a break, but she is looking like Eric Stoltz in Mask…remember that movie?  When did she start resembling the Crypt Keeper?  I mean Jason Bateman is only a couple of years younger and he still looks like he can pass for early 30’s.  Justine was attending the Gibson Through the Lens exhibition that shows photos of famous musicians with their Gibson guitars. This is a big show – first time ever in the US – so maybe she could have applied a touch of make-up?   I mean she is going for the I am still hot and sexy so I can wear this outfits, but from the neck up she can scare small children.

source: mavrixonline.com

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