Best Babysitter Ever

July 30, 2008

Since it is a slow gossip day i thought I would see what is making news around the US.  Well Annette Martinez is setting herself up for the Babysitter of the Year Award…if qualifying required to have sex with the 14 year old you are being paid to watch and possibly getting knocked up at the same time. It seems Annette was hired to watch the boy and his two siblings on June 1, but she fell in love with him and decided the best course of action would be to engage in some serious adult activities over 40 times.  How was this little romance discovered?  Well the child, who Annette first thought was 16, got in to a fight with his mommy and went to Annette who told the mother of their love.  Annette is now being held on $5000 bond.  Why isn’t the 14 year old taking some responsibility and watching his two siblings on his own?  Kids today are such slackers.
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