Minor League Baseball brawl leads to arrest

July 25, 2008

A minor league baseball game game between the Peoria Chiefs and Dayton Dragons went from ugly to riot in a matter of batters.  A brawl broke out in the bottom of the first inning after a series of ugly plays.  The top of the first inning saw a Peoria player hit by a pitch which was retaliated for in the bottom of the inning.  Peoria pitcher Julio Castillo proceeded to hit a Dayton player in the head, followed that up by hitting another batter, and ugly slide into second by a Dayton player, and another near head shot by Castillo was the final straw.  A massive 10 minute brawl broke out which delayed the game for over an hour, resulted in 15 player ejections, 3 coach ejections, a fan going to the hospital, and one arrest.  Why an arrest?  Well Castillo decided it would be a good idea to fire the ball into the Dayton dugout.  Of course his control problem caused him to miss the dugout and the ball flew into the crowd striking a fan.  The ejections had to be overturned so the game could be played which Dayton won 6-5.  The tag line on the Peoria Chiefs website is “Your Home For Summer Memories” – well people aren’t gonna forget this anytime soon in Peoria.  Check out the video here.

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