You Tube Catfight Miley vs Selena

July 25, 2008

Oh the tweens are getting nasty on You Tube these days. Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez have each made a little side name for themselves with the You Tub videos that they shoot with their best friends.  Well is seems Miley and her friend Mandy make fun of Selena and her friend Demi.

In a new YouTube video, Miley and her BFF Mandy mock Selena Gomez and her pal Demi Lovato.
Miley, 15, makes fun of a T-shirt Gomez, 16, wore and teases Demi, 15, about a gap she used to have in her teeth.
The clip surfaces the same week that sources tell that Selena is dating Miley’s ex Nick Jonas (a rep for the Jonas Brothers insists they’re just friends).

See this is how girls eventually grow up to have serious issues.  Guys would just yell, fight, and go play some sports.  Girls torment the hell out of one another until you see them in rehab or with sever eating disorders.  Why can’t Disney just get their actors some professional help???

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