Ashley Dupre doing the married guy thing again

July 24, 2008

Ashley Dupre shot to fame after it was revealed that she was the high priced call girl that was frequented by the now former Governor of New York. Well it seems Ashley has a thing for older, wealthy, married men and she is back in the saddle again.  This time Ashley was enjoying time with a married father of two from New Jersey.

Ashley, 23, and her new guy, 35-year-old Thomas J. Earle were spotted entering the Gramercy Park Hotel where they rented a room on Tuesday following a long day of drinking, dining, shopping and snuggling up together in limos around the city. Wednesday afternoon the two left the hotel separately, leaving the hotel 10 minutes apart, as if to avoid being photographed together.
Cleveland Leader

Now it is important that when deciding to cheat on your wife that you don’t pick the most famous hooker in America to do it with.  Not only that don’t pick the hooker that is most famous in New York and decide to do you deed in New York!  Ashley is staying hot in the press as her Girls Gone Wild lawsuit being dropped and the tape being released she is just everywhere.

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