Wendy Williams and Omarosa don’t see eye to eye

July 22, 2008

Omarosa has taken her fifteen minutes of fame from The Apprentice and strung it out over a few years now.  She has a new book coming out entitled The Bitch Switch and was on the Wendy Williams Show to promote and discuss it.  The show starts off bad when Omarosa takes offense to her introduction and confronts Wendy when she first sits down. When that is over the moves onto her book,  In the book Omarosa discusses ways to get women to be more aggressive for their benefit with tips about how to negotiate a salary when accepting a job.  Well Wendy stated that isn’t her style and it just pushes the every black woman stereotype that is out there.  Now i am not sure what negotiating a salary and being confident have to do with creating a negative stereotype, but it made for some tense moments on air. Check out the intro portion here and book portion of the interview here.

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