Ashley Harkleroad does Playboy

July 18, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad  is a 23 year old professional tennis player that is currently ranked 61st in the world. Her top rank back in 2003 was 39th.  Well Ashley decided that her career in tennis isn’t going to get much better so why not make a few bucks when she is still in her youthful athletic condition.  Ashley is not like most models that grace the pages of Playboy.  She is an in shape all natural woman that shows that you can be sexy and athletic at the same time.  Some might even say what Ashley is doing makes her a role model for aspiring female athletes that have a lot of talent, but not enough to win the big bucks.  If they are sexy that can take that hard work to the pages of top selling men’s magazines.  Good job Ashley!

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