Home Run Derby Tonight

July 14, 2008

Tonight at 7PM all baseball fans will be tuning in to watch as eight long ball hitters take aim at the short porn in Yankee Stadium.  The names are different, but the goal is the same – hit the ball out of the park.  Yankee Stadiums sets itself up for a lefty to have an easier time getting the ball out of the yard with a 314 foot right field wall,  I am rooting for the feel good story of personal on professional redemption in Josh Hamilton.  Josh was supposed to be a stud fro his rookie year but his career and life were derailed by drug abuse.  He has come full circle and is one of the top players in baseball this year.

Lance Berkman – Houston Astros
Ryan Braun – Milwaukee Brewers
Josh Hamilton – Texas Rangers
Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
Justin Morneau – Minnesota Twins
Grady Sizemore -Cleveland Indians
Dan Uggla – Florida Marlins
Chase Utley – Philadelphia Phillies

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