Lance Bass to get a male partner on DWTS

July 11, 2008

Former N*Sync member Lance Bass has been tapped to appear on the new season of Dancing With The Stars.  Nothing unusual about a former boy bander  doing some ballroom dancing — Joey Fatone pulled it off.  The unusual part is that Bass, who is now openly gay, might be assigned a male partner.  Now I see where ABC is going with this and they are trying to make a statement about equality and everything, but this show is about entertainment.  I can see this being a huge controversy as certain markets threaten to pull the show on moral grounds.  Plus who would lead and can both partners to lifts and tosses?  That just creates an unfair advantage for Lance and his partner.  What do you think about Lance having a male partner?  Will it be a positive move, create a media circus, take away from the enjoyment of the show or add to it?

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