Alicia Marie another A-Rod lady friend

July 9, 2008

Alex Rodriguez just can’t get a break recently can he?  First he is rumored to be hooking up with Madonna, his wife files for divorce in Miami, ex-stripper Candice Houlihan claims to have had an affair with the slugger, and now fitness model Alicia Marie throws her hat into the mix.  Alicia made a comment that the pair had spent time alone in her apartment.

Fitness model Alicia Marie called Alex Rodriguez a “sweetheart” and insisted that while they have spent time alone at her apartment, they are just “close friends.”
NY Daily News

Alex has come out and said the pair are friends and still are, but if you were Cynthia Rodriguez would you want your man hanging out at Alicia’s place all alone when you suspect he has a wandering eye??  How many people are buying this as a purely innocent relationship where the pair just hang out, watch Oprah, and it smores??

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