Stripper dishes dirt on A-Rod

July 8, 2008

Everyone remembers when Alex Rodriguez was caught in Toronto with a sexy blonde stripper that made national news.  Well another stripper is coming forward in Massachusetts claiming she had a two night love in with the Yankees third baseman in 2004 after the legendary Yanks-Sox brawl that saw Don Zimmer get thrown to the ground.  Candice Houlihan states that she met A-Rod prior to the brawl game and the pair hit it off.  Candice is a former stripper from a lovely establishment named Centerfolds.

“It was killing me and I felt bad afterwards,” she said. “I’m not a bad person. I know how it feels to be cheated on, it sucks. But a couple of drinks later, I didn’t notice all that much, to tell you the truth.”

Houlihan said A-Rod had a couple of shots of tequila and a few Sex on the Beach cocktails, then they went back to A-Rod’s room at the Ritz-Carlton and had sex. But, she added, they also talked all night and seemed to hit it off.

“I told him I was a basketball player in high school and we talked a lot about that,” she said. “It’s a little weird because he was a really nice guy.”

You know this is only the tip of the iceberg that will be coming out about A-Rod during this divorce.  Their are teams in over 30 major cities which means thousands of potential strippers that were looking to score with a ball player.  Oh this is gonna be front page news in New York all season long.

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