Marie Jarry fired for her bikini is suing

July 8, 2008

Marie “Mary” Jarry was fired from her second grade teaching job after appearing on and winning a contest on the Howard Stern Show.  Marie competed in the Hottest Wife Ugliest Husband event and took home the $5000 top prize.  Jarry is claiming that after taking a sick day to appear on the event she was forced to resign from her job.

Jarry is demanding that she be reinstated and receive back pay from when she resigned. Named in the suit are the board of education, Superintendent of Schools Joseph Erardi and the Southington Education Association, which is the teachers union.

“The plaintiff’s discharge was orchestrated by the Southington Education Association, Erardi and the board of education, who working together intimidated and coerced her with threats to resign in lieu of termination,” the suit states.

This teacher in a bikini event took place during a string of teachers getting let go for showing some skin.  The same week Marie was leaving her job Florida biology teacher Tiffany Shepherd was let go for wearing a bikini on a fishing charter.  These ladies didn’t even sleep with anyone are being let go – just wrong.

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