Hef confirms he is a freak

June 23, 2008

A new book about Hugh Hefner, entitled “Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream,” provides details about his open sexual history with family and friends.

“One night after [Hugh] and Millie watched a stag film with Janie and Eldon Sellers, he suggested that the four of them make love on the same bed, each husband to his own wife. They did and in Sellers’ words, ‘It was different and exciting.’ According to Millie, Hugh began to hint at switching partners, apparently suggesting it with the Sellerses, although the swap never materialized.”

Hef then went further, trying a foursome out on his own family. “It did happen with his brother, Keith, and his wife, Rae, one evening,” Watts writes. “[But] while Millie ultimately backed out of having sex with Keith, Hugh slept with his sister-in-law.”
Page Six

Sure you figured Hef had a swinging time once he founded Playboy in the 50’s, but sex with your sister-in-law after your own wife backed out of the deed with your brother?  Wouldn’t that be the time when you would say well if my wife isn’t cool with it we don’t have to go through with it?  I guess Hef went with the well you promised and no take backs!

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