Odd News of the Day – Topless or Else

June 19, 2008

Jennifer Moss, better known as The Naked Lady, is threatening to take her battle with Ashland, OR to the ACLU.  What battle you ask?  Well Jennifer is originally from Ojai, CA, but relocated to Ashland because of their relaxed local laws regarding public nudity.  In Ashland as long as you aren’t showing your baby maker you are goo to go.  So Jennifer has been known to take topless bike rides and strut around town in just a thong.  The problem is she wants to March in the 4th of July parade and the town is stating it is a family event and she has to cover up. 

Now I have no problem with Jennifer bouncing all around town as she pleases if they allow that, but how is the parade any different than the rest of the days she can walk around topless?  What are no kids allowed in Ashland unless a parade is occurring?  I say let her be free and express herself in the parade!  For more on the story you can check out this story.

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