Joan Rivers offends the Brits

June 18, 2008

This post will mark a milestone on Celebridiot – our first Joan Rivers post.  Well this is a funny one so it is worth commenting on.  Joan Rivers was a guest on the British afternoon talk show Loose Women, think of the View without all the hate, and she overstepped the rules of on air etiquette.  When discussing Russell Crowe Joan warned the crew to be ready to bleep her and followed that by calling Crowe a “F&*king S&^t”.   Apparently there is no seven second delay on live TV like there no is in the States. Well after the commercial break Joan was gone after having been asked to leave for her actions.

see the video (this includes bleeps added by the news)

“I have won an Emmy, been nominated for a Tony award, done every show and become an icon and when people ask me what is left in my career I have always said I don’t know, but I have never been forcibly thrown out of a TV studio. It is another milestone,” she said.

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