Denise Richards Stripper Pole and Waxing

June 16, 2008

With yesterday being Father’s Day and so much going on in the world you might not have had the time to catch the wonder that is Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.  Lucky for you I am able to bring you all the wonderful moments you missed.  On last night’s show you missed Denise talking about getting her va jay jay waxed – which i am sure many people were concerned and interested about.  You also didn’t see the level of fear she instills in her lowly employees as her assistant quits by text message, and finally you get to see Denise work a stripper pole!  All in all award winning television that makes you feel warm and fuzzy knowing she has signed don for season 2!!!!

Denise Richards – Denise talks about waxing her vagina

Denise Richards – Denise’s assistant quits by text message

Denise Richards – Denise works the stripper pole

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