Hulk crushes the competition

June 15, 2008

In a box office battle between a big green monster, a kung fu fighting panda, a hair dresser with an edge, and an unseen force there was no real drama as The Incredible Hulk easily took home the top spot.  The Ed Norton lead super hero flick has been met with mixed reviews and a reluctant star that is not taking part in promoting the film took in over $54 million over the weekend.  The film didn’t do as well as the Ang Lee directed original, but the number pleased the studios.  The Happening, which has been met by awful reviews (see the spoiler here), finished third behind the Panda with $30 million.  I saw The Strangers and that film was well worth it and will scare the hell out of you!

1 The Incredible Hulk         $54,538,000
2 Kung Fu Panda         $34,321,000
3 The Happening         $30,500,000
4 You Don’t Mess With the Zohan    $16,400,000
5 Indiana Jones            $13,547,000
6 Sex and the City        $10,185,000
7 Iron Man            $5,130,000
8 The Strangers            $4,097,000
9 The Chronicles of Narnia    $3,004,000
10 What Happens in Vegas    $1,700,00

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