Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers Peddle Smut

June 10, 2008

Bill Clinton might have to relive some of his tawdry past as Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are taking their stories to the web.  The form Clinton lovers are looking to cash in on Hillary’s failed run to the White House by creating website where anyone in the world can pay $1.99 to find out lurid details about their encounters with the former Commander in Chief.

“It’s a way we can get our story out there in our own words, without someone making their own interpretations or corrections,” Ms Jones said.

They are like the iTunes of porn or something right?  They have already gotten naked for Playboy so why not create some videos now that you are nearing 60 and let the world know all they could ever want about Bill Clinton and his likes behind closed doors.  So who is going to pay up for the treat of seeing these two on video?


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