Ashlee Simpson married and pregnant

May 18, 2008

Ashlee Simpson doubled on on the festivities last night as she married Pete Wentz.  Ashlee confirmed to her guests that she is in fact expecting a child which confirms earlier rumors that she was pregnant.  It also explains the shotgun like wedding.

One wedding VIP who definitely won’t be boozing it up tonight is the bride, who sources tell OK! finally revealed her pregnancy to everyone at the reception. Weeks ago, OK! was the first to report that the couple were expecting a baby — a story that both Ashlee and Pete danced around on talk shows and in interviews.


Jessica was in attendance with her, well who knows what he is, boyfriend of the moment Tony Romo,  Must be nice for her to see her sister get married and confirm a child as you are heading for another messy break-up on your quest to find a new Nick.  No reports on if Joe Simpson will be selling off partially eaten wedding cake of some celebrity guests.

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