Juicy Campus gets some bad press

May 17, 2008

Tonight on the ABC news show 20/20 they featured a story about a website geared towards anonymous posting about college campuses around the country. The problem with the site in questions, JuicyCampus.com, is that their seems to be now regulation as to what is posted and tracking of the posts is very difficult. The founder of the site, Matt Ivester, is a Duke 2005 graduate and claims to be making over $25,000 a month from the juicy stories being posted. The biggest problem is that the stories are far from innocent. Stories of rape, abuse, and gay students being outed are just a few of the examples that were discussed. The question of free speech and a person’s privacy are in dispute and the story raised enough attention to actually knock the site offline this evening. if you want to check it out I would suggest trying tomorrow.

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