TATU gets naughty in new video

May 16, 2008

The ladies from t.A.T.u are back with a new single in Russia that pushes the lines of racy music videos. The new song is titles  Beliy Plaschik, translates to White Robe, features the each member baring it all for the sake of the song.  Yulia Volkova, the brunette in he group, has been photographed topless in the past, but this is the first time redhead Lena Katina is showing off more skin to the world.  The pair made headlines when they appeared in Russian Maxim last year with a very pregnant Beliy.  Since I don’t speak Russian I have no idea what th song i about, but I can use my imagination and it seems that the nudity is critical to the plot and feeling of the song.

This Video is edited and SFW

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