Simpson and Romo Officially Done

May 16, 2008

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have officially ended their relationship.  The people of Dallas are dancing in he streets and news reports are showing members of the Cowboys rejoicing with the end of the jinx. The interesting thing is the reason behind the split.

Part of the reason for the break up after only six months? “This Jen and John Mayer thing is eating her up, and she just can’t handle it — and Tony has basically had enough,” a Simpson pal told Us. “She’s too much to handle.”The newest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now, reports that the day Aniston and Mayer went public as a couple, Simpson went on a four-hour drinking binge that left her so out of it, she had to call her mom for a ride home!


I get it that John Mayer is a talented musician and all, but have you looked at Jessica Simpson?  She is without a doubt one of the hottest women out there and John looks a bit like a dirty weasel. Oh don’t start yelling at me for my opinion if that guy wasn’t famous he would just be the stupid drunk guy at the bar that wouldn’t leave you alone on the dance floor.   Maybe Tony can find a Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleader – who saw that marathon last week where they piked the 2006-07 crew – damn!

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