Rodman charged in domestic abuse case

May 16, 2008

Dennis Rodman has officially been charged with domestic violence after an altercation in a Los Angeles hotel where he was accused of hitting his girlfriend Gina Gigi Peterson.  The incident took place and Rodman was arrested after Peterson called police to report the alleged abuse.

A spokesman for prosecutors in Los Angeles says Rodman was charged Wednesday with spousal battery, brandishing a deadly weapon and dissuading a witness. The charges are misdemeanors.

The 46-year-old was arrested at a hotel April 30th after Gina Peterson called hotel security. Police say she suffered injuries to her arm.


What is wonderful is that Rodman has a nice excuse for th incident – he was drunk!  Of course that is the official get out of jail free card for celebrities, ex-athletes, and criminals when they are looking to get charges dropped or reduced.  It says right on bottles of beer and liqour that abuse of alcohol can lead to stupid decisions, on night stands with the wrong person, or criminal activity, but if you say you were drunk all is forgiven.

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